John C. Scarbrough


John C. Scarbrough has had a lifelong exposure to the service of the homeless, and children and adults living with special needs. John Scarbrough is deeply committed to the challenges of providing quality care to individuals with special needs. As a disability services professional, John Scarbrough has a working knowledge of the Health Services System and Human Service Agencies of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is well versed in Medicaid enrollment and validation process for home and community based services waiver programs, the A-133 audit requirements, Office of Emergency Shelter Service Standards and DPW residential licensing guidelines, and other State rules and regulations about Home and Community Based Services, Home Care, Transportation Services for the Disabled and Residential Services. John Scarbrough also has a working knowledge of for-profit and non-profit organizations pertaining to the health and human services industry.


John Scarbrough is a graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy (Class of 1985) with honors. Here is where he learned military discipline, the strength of character, responsibility, respect and humility, leadership and to aspire to become a citizen of the highest integrity in his community.

During his 4 years at the academy, John Scarbrough served as a cadet First Sergeant (Which is the highest Company rank of a Non-Commission Officer in the Academy) his junior year over 70 cadets and Company Commander of Gulf Company with the rank of Captain his senior year over 84 cadets between the ages of 14 to 29. John Scarbrough was also nominated and offered by his peers, battalion and regimental Officers and NCOs, Tactical Officers, and the Commandant of Cadets Colonel Coats to lead the entire Corp of cadets for the Class of 1986. John Scarbrough was an award-winning athlete, honor roll student, and earned awards such as the National Services Award for Veterans in 2009, Veterans of Foreign Wars medal for leadership and academic excellence presented by acting legend Bob Hope and General Mataxis, US Army Retired. John Scarbrough also holds a Bachelors Degree with honors in Business Administration and Management from Tampa Business College. During John Scarbrough's four years of college, he attended classes up to seven days a week, worked three jobs, and made the Dean's list throughout his college experience.


Descending from two generations of special needs Providers John Scarbrough's learned empathy and deep commitment to the service of the homeless, frail elderly, mentally retarded and the disabled grows out of his lifelong exposure to the service of this special needs population. After finishing his bachelor's degree in 1990, Mr. Scarbrough devoted his time to establish a Personal Care Home Facility for low-income individuals living with disabilities who were in crisis or homeless. John Scarbrough was able to place a number of these individuals back into independent living or structured settings and access day treatment, medical and therapeutic services for residents whose mental and medical diagnoses would be considered chronic or critical.

Since 1990 to date John Scarbrough has overseen the day-to-day administration and operations of 4 companies and has employed up to 45 employees on various academic levels from high school graduates, LPN's, RN's, Masters', and Ph.D. graduates. As a licensed residential services provider to the homeless, children, and adults living with HIV, Traumatic Brain Injuries, terminal cancer, dialysis treatment, heart failure (with oxygen dependency), blind, amputees, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, frail elderly, mentally retarded, developmentally delayed infants, children, and
young adults and advocating for client health and welfare.

Mr. Scarbrough's duties and experience include but are not limited to:
➢ Being granted two Medical Assistance Provider Numbers to provide Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Services for people living with physical disabilities and debilitative medical conditions since 2006 to date with 98 and 99 percent inspection scores. Since 1991 Mr. Scarbrough has also been a licensed Personal Care Home Administratorn with a facility that can house up to 51 residents. Since 2000 Mr. Scarbrough has been a Special Needs Emergency Shelter Provider for the Office of Emergency Shelter and Services and Philadelphia County at large.
➢ Mr. Scarbrough has served well over 1000 people living with physical disabilities and special needs and continues to serve more each year along with his established Soup Kitchen Programs that feed hundreds each month.
➢ Cutting through red tape to assure adequacy of an individual's care, non-discrimination, access to income benefits, social, health care information, and services.
➢ Advocated and coordinated appeals for many disabled individuals who were denied entitlement benefits at the local and state level.
➢ As a COMPASS Partner, Mr. Scarbrough has granted access to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services programs which allows qualified individuals and community-based organizations access to screen for, apply for, and renew a broad range of social programs.

COMPASS serves as a single access point for application and renewal of:
• Healthcare Coverage
• Medicaid
• Medical Assistance for Worker's with Disabilities
• Medical Savings Program for Payment of Medicaid Premiums
• Children's Health Insurance Program
• Adult Basic
• Food Stamp Benefits
• Cash Assistance
• Long Term Care
• Home and Community-Based Services for individuals with mental retardation
• Consolidated Waiver for Individuals with Mental Retardation
• Person/Family-Directed Support Waiver for Individuals with Mental Retardation
• Mental Retardation Services (non-Medicaid)
• Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (Seasonal availability)
➢ Experienced in budget negotiations and service delivery. Very resourceful when funding is limited.
➢ Established working relationships with various Politicians, Commissioners, Directors, Funding Administrators, and licensing officials at the Local, State, and Federal levels.
➢ Well versed and experienced in most business, insurance, legal, and funding raising matters regarding the human services field.
➢ Writing policy and procedure manuals for various residential programs.
➢ Ability to establish and open a residential program anywhere in the United States.
➢ Well versed and experienced in the application process of a non-profit corporation, for-profit corporation, business plan development, and grant proposal writing.
➢ Well versed and experienced in operating budget preparation, A-133 audit process, licensing of community programs, redevelopment of residential and commercial facilities to meet the needs of the disabled.
➢ Trained and well versed in HUD's Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), PA HICIS, and MA PROMISE BILLING systems.
➢ Well versed in the Medicaid Provider Enrollment process, the new 1915 MA Standard guidelines, Chapter 52 of The Department of Public Welfare's- HCBS regulations, Chapter 611 of The PA Department of Health- Home Care Agency/Registry regulations, and the 2600-20 personal care facility state regulations.
➢ Attended several Housing of Urban Development (HUD) seminars on Shelter plus care, 202 and 811 housing for the disabled as well as several workshops, conferences, and training regarding the funding, administration, and licensing of Residential Programs for the homeless, seniors and disabled.
➢ Certified under three Home and Community Based Services programs (PDA 60 plus, OBRA, and Independent Waivers) as a Medicaid provider.
➢ Certified Housing Choice (Section 8) Property Manager.
➢ Has been a Certified/Licensed Personal Care Home Administrator for over 18 years and Certified/Contracted Homeless Shelter Provider.
➢ Certified in CPR/First Aide for the past 20 years.
➢ Certified Safe Serve for food preparation and serving by Philadelphia Department of Health for over five years.
➢ Completed 8 hours of A-133 audit and accounting training and fiscal Operations of an MH/MR Program, conducted by the City of Philadelphia and the accounting firm of Asher & Company, Ltd.
➢ Completed 16 hours in Integrated Asset Protection and Customer Services.
➢ Mr. Scarbrough has driven and provided over 1000 man-hours of wheelchair and special needs transport for disabled individuals, charter schools, the Department of Justice, Presidential campaigns, hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities Jet Blue Airlines, hotels, various attorneys' offices, disability organizations, and places of worship in fully equipped paratransit vehicles.
➢ Skilled in computer graphic design. Working knowledge of Windows 7, Vista, Microsoft Word, Works, Excel, Publisher, QuickBooks Pro., and XP Pro. Also, various business and graphic related software.

BY THE GRACE OF GOD. I shall always remember that noble thoughts inspire noble deeds and I shall aspire to a life of honorable services.