Make Life Easy

Make Life Easy

Senior Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

Victory Support Services serves both the elderly and disabled. We have a passion for helping people and want to make life easier for those we serve. We offer a multitude of elderly home care services from dressing, medicating, bathing and shopping to cooking and transportation.

Victory’s personal care assistants will work closely with you to enroll and coordinate resources you need to secure your home care and community support services with our agency in Philadelphia County. We start each client relationship with a home care consultation that identifies specific needs and frequent our assistants will visit you.

Our experienced personal care assistants in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area are polite, qualified, screened and dependable. As personal assistance experts, we take our jobs seriously and will provide you the highest quality home care and transportation in the Philadelphia, PA, area.

Experience matters

Home care professionals for the disabled and elderly

Victory Support Services has more than 20 years of experience in the elderly home care and transportation services industry. This experience leads to better care for you and your family members. Your physical and emotional health are too important to risk. Don’t put the health of you or your family in danger by trusting an inexperienced personal care assistant.

Consideration, dignity & respect

Victory Support Services wants you to know that your happiness, safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us at all times. We carry out our established policy that every person we serve is entitled to be treated as an individual–with choice, consideration, dignity and respect. Contact Victory Support Services for an initial consultation today. Let us make you our priority.


Daily living

• Transfer
• Bathing
• Toileting
• Hair care
• Oral care
• Shaving
• Dressing/undressing

Home support

• Meal Prep & clean up
• Houskeeping
• Laundry
• Errands
• Shopping
• Reading/writing
• Community monitoring
• Non-medical transportation

Routine wellness

• Braces and prosthesis
• Health maintenance
• Wound care
• Range of motion
• Cather care
• Bowel/bladder program

When you enroll in our senior in-home care and disabled home care services

12 Weeks of free fresh food & groceries

12 Weeks of free fresh food & groceries

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Home care services for the hospitality industry

Home care services for the hospitality industry

Victory Support Services provides enhanced homecare services for people living with disabilities that are traveling. Personal care aids can come out to your guest hotel room and assist with daily activities including dressing, bathing, meal preparation, serving and a host of other amenities. Please call for a presentation details.

Personal Assistant Services for Your Out-of-State Surgery

Personal Assistant Services for Your Out-of-State Surgery

If you are in Philadelphia for the surgery and plan to stay a while after your post surgery then consider victory support services for your personal assistance services during your stay.

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Victory support services has a proud history of providing homecare services to people living with disabilities. From young people who suffered traumatic injuries leaving them permanently disabled, to our country's disabled veterans, we provide certainty to their daily routines and ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner.

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